Camino de Santiago – Travel Day

Today is the day!

Today I start making my way to SJPDP but with two pit stops along the way – London and Toulouse. I arrive in London on Wednesday morning which will be fashionably interesting, minimalistic style. I hope. Because if it is very interesting, then it means that Margret Thatcher’s funeral wreaked havoc on my travel plans. Sometimes boring is a good thing. However, I’m not counting on things 100% going smoothly. I already found out that the train which is supposed to take me from Bayonne to SJPDP has been cancelled because someone stole the cables on that train line.


WHO is so idle that they steal CABLE from a TRAIN LINE?!?

All is not lost, though. I think there is supposed to be a bus provided in lieu of the train. Yay. Travel is all about being flexible, eh.

Anyway, wish me luck. I have fool’s hope that the plane seat next to mine will be empty. At the very least, hopefully I won’t have a repeat of one of my 2006 French train rides where I woke up to find that the guy sitting next to me had fallen asleep on my arm…

4 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Travel Day

  1. Margaret just wanted to make sure that you would think of her as fondly in death as you did while she was alive:)

  2. Hope your travels went smoothly! I am totally curious what the people who stole the cables did with them…

    • Cables are sold for scrap – copper prices are sky-high, and thieves can make thousands of $ (or £) from the copper content in wires and cables… A whole reel (more than a km of new cable) was recently stolen from a roadside near ottawa – it had been dropped off to be installed the next day…

  3. Kendra! It’s book club day today – will be thinking of you. You would have liked the 100 year-old-man and his adventures – but clearly, you are busy having an adventure of your own:)

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