Camino de Santiago – Day…something…

One  thing I didn´t realize would be the fact that the Camino erases all sense of date and days from your brain. I have no idea what today is. And this is only four days (I think) into my Camino. I started in SJPDP and walked 8km to Orisson, a gite part way up the Pyrenees. Thought I´d die. It was steep and awful and beautiful. Nothing quite like mountain side scenery to keep you going. Day two was Orisson to Roncevalles – now THAT made me want to die. Again, seriously beautiful but 17km of almost all uphill is enough to make me want to sit down and refuse to move. Seeing changible weather, mist, LOTR forests, wild horses, incredible views, and a few pilgrim memorials kept me going, though. Even was called a camino angel when we helped someone who had fallen in some slippery leaves.

Oh yes – did I mention the Pyrenees still had some snow? Cannot complain though – the Napoleon Pass was clear enough to walk through so that made me happy.

After Roncevalles, we walked to Zubiri which is about 22km. I remember Zubiri being nice but that´s it. I think my feet and muscles hurt too much for me to take it all in, then. Good thing for cameras 🙂

Next stage was Zubiri to Pamplona, which was yesterday. Pamplona is a lovely city. Walked down the street that has the running of the bulls, ate some pinxos (liek tapas), saw a few old churches that date back to the 14th century, bought a sim card for a phone that is supposed to be unlocked but Kodoo gave me the wrong unlock code. THANKS KODOO!!!

Today was a short walking day – sightsaw in Pamplona this morning and this afternoon walked about 5km to Cizur Menor. At a pretty nice albergue – has a lovely garden and only 12 people in my room. Just did laundry and now it is shower time. Gotta keep an eye on the weather though – may rain tomorrow which sucks because tomorrow I have to climb the Alto de Perdon.

I hope to be better at keeping in touch – these first few days have been getting used to the routine, the tiredness, and quite frankly – camino life makes you think that there is no other life out there so it is easy to forget to write. I even have a hard time remembering to write in my journal!

2 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Day…something…

  1. Wow! I’m both amazed by you and sympathetic to your poor muscles! The scenery must be fantastic, did you get any pictures of the wild horses? I’m glad you were able to get through the pass, I know you we’re worried about that! Are you still traveling with your friend from school in Toulouse? Take care of yourself and enjoy it! I hope it doesn’t end up feeling too much like a death march! 😛 Cross fingers for good weather!

  2. Oooh, Tapas. 🙂 Those will keep you going for sure! Glad you are able to take in the sights (sort of) as you walk; I can imagine it would be hard when you are exhausted! Try and stay dry and can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

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