Camino de Santiago – Random end of week thoughts

In Los Arcos today. Absolutely gorgeous walk from Estella which was 21.1km. Nothing like green countryside with expansive views and once in awhile, church bells ringing in the distance. Right now, though, it is stinkin´cold. And tomorrow is supposed to be really cold with rain all day. Not sure how far I´ll get in terms of walking.

I still don´t really know what day it is. Is it Sunday? If so, I´ve been walking a week today!

Camino chic is definitely the mode de vie, here. Right now I am wearing not really clean black pants, fingerless gloves, two jackets, a buff, a scarf, teva sandals and socks. Fashionable.

Got my first blister!! it is small, so that´s good. Muscles hurt and this cold definitely is not helping with keeping them warm and relaxed. Spring has betrayed me.

Have about 1400 photos so far. Not much access to computers so can´t upload any right now. Lots of wifi so those with phones and ipads are doing well.

Anyway, should be reaching Logrono on Tuesday and hope to get more time on computer to do a proper blog entry. Anything you would like me to talk about?

6 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Random end of week thoughts

  1. First blister, eh! Are the medications helping? Why sandals? What happened to your hikers?? I would like to hear about the people you meet along the way – basically I want you to profile 🙂

    • sandals are for when i´ve stopped walking for the day. i wear ém around town when sightseeing. last thing my feet want is boots in the afternoon/evening. not to mention my boots look horrifying…

  2. Cold sucks! Hope it warms up soon!

    And yes it’s Sunday! Yay for a week!

    You sound very stylish. How’s the washing soap holding out?

    I’d be interested to hear about the towns you’re in and also about any interesting people you’ve met/seen along the way!

    Good luck! Hope the blisters aren’t too bad!

    P.S. Iris is starting to have fun with Pikos. She’s petting his fur, grabbing his spines and thrashing him quite soundly! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that your first week is going well! I’m curious about learning who you are traveling with. How big is the group? What sort of people do this pilgrimage (besides yourself of course)?

    Hope your blister heals up quickly 🙂

  4. I think the important thing is that you are warm…not how you look! And how many other pilgrims are you coming across? And how long are you travelling with your friend for?

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