Camino de Santiago – Solo day and people I´ve met

I made it to Azorfa today, on my own. My walking partner, a woman I met the first night on the Camino, tripped and fell on her arm this morning as we were leaving Naverette – she broke it 😦 Unfortunately, it meant that her Camino is over and she has to go to the hospital.

It was a little strange being on my own after walking with someone for 10 days. R, an American, is an ex- hippy of about 66 yrs of age but we are so similar in terms of temperment (ie both introverts), things we like, etc. It was fun walking with her. Others I´ve met are:

  1. a guy from San Francisco whose wife apparently couldn´t pack his bags fast enough for him to go on the Camino (he´s recently retired)
  2. Canadian mother-daughter pair from Georgian Bay area
  3. three older Italian men, one of whom I´m hoping to see again to tell him why his photos suck (clean your camera lens people!!)
  4. a billion Germans who all look way too healthy
  5. an Aussie woman who is walking though she has MS and Lupus
  6. anothe Aussie woman who sold everything she owned and is just doing the Camino to figure out next steps
  7. a Spanish girl with a giant backpack who was travelling around and decided to do the Camino until Burgos where she needs to be by May 9th for her grandfather´s birthday
  8. a girl (no idea where she is from) with a lung infection of some sort and I had to translate for her using both Eng and Fr between her, the landlady of the albergue we were at and the doctor
  9. a French priest who is about 81 years old walking with his cousin (apparently younger but I´m not sure by how much as I never met her)
  10. many others that I´m sure have interesting stories but I haven´t asked so far. what can I say? Introverts have a hard time with small talk…

So that is just a quick snapshot of some of the people I´ve met so far.  But doing this thing, I´ve not ever had to greet so many people so often! Only day 11 and hearing Buen Camio is already a bit annoying, lol

Just thought I´d leave you with this image as I wrap up for today – the place I´m staying has a little fountain outside that I can see from this computer. Just looked outside and saw a woman holding up her dress really really high so she can wade about in it…

4 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Solo day and people I´ve met

  1. Poor Robyn! I would be soooooooooo mad, if I were her…all that planning, the time and expense. You didn’t tell her Step High, Stay Safe, did you…. forget buen camino!!! Sounds like you are meeting some seriously interesting people. Love the story about the newly retired gentleman. His wife must have told him to go find himself!

    Continue to enjoy mi chica. Hasta luego!

  2. Oh no! That’s horrible for your friend! I hope she gets another chance someday to try again!

    Lots of interesting people! Your French can’t be too bad now if you’re acting as translator!

    It’s interesting to be on the same path as so many other people! I don’t expect you’ll talk to everyone along the way, but hopefully you’ll find a few more characters to talk to!

    Good luck and keep moving!

  3. That really sucks for Robin, But its nice to hear that you had a good walking partner for the beginning!

    Sound like you are meeting a lot of interesting people, I think everyone must have a cool story as to why they are doing the camino…you should consider writing a book about the people you meet along the way. 🙂

    Keep on enjoying your adventures and wishing you luck!

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