Camino de Santiago – Where Am I?

Seriously. I know I am in Castrojeriz but other than that, no clue.At least I finally found a computer! Wifi is everywhere but it is much harder to find an actual computer…

Since I last wrote, I have passed through another large town – Burgos. Most people I spoke to decided to bus into Burgos because there is 10km+ of industrial zone before you get to the city and then almost 3km before reaching the actual municipal albergue. Unfortunately, I tend to do things the hard way. I walked it. I specifically brought my ipod nano for this portion and thank goodness I did. The walk was not nice. Not nice at all. Ugly, in fact. And very hard on the feet, walking on pavement like that. And then once I reached the city, the fun had just begun. I´d like to compose a letter:

Dear Burgos Mayor: I know you´re busy and all, but could you please possibly consider NOT making us tired pilgrims have to play Where is Waldo with the camino signs? It is rather stressful coming from calming countryside to the busy city and then being forced to hunt for really randomly placed arrows and shells. Thank you for your consideration. Kendra

Burgos centre is nice, though. There is this MASSIVE cathedral that took me almost 2 hours to go through, and that was me moving at a good pace. No wonder the poor peasants were cowed for centuries. Anyway, I had thought I would take a rest day here but ended up moving on to Hornillos. The albergue here is a serious rival for the one in Redecillo, which I had thought was the worst place I´ve ever stayed in. Was happy to just roll on out of there this morning and I made it to Castrojeriz. I´m walking through a landscape that is called the Mesta. Pretty flat (for Spain) and lots of wide open spaces. Yay!

Other things I´ve experienced the past few days are:

  1. drink wine alllllllllllllllllllll afternoon and evening
  2. drink wine at the foot of a church
  3. been hit on
  4. say hello to locals and mostly have positive responses
  5. had dinner with a man
  6. eating lots of crappy carb heavy food and not having to worry about weight gain
  7. seen a priest with no pants on with only a shirt
  8. slept in to avoid someone
  9. saw a group of older French tourists on a camino day tour
  10. coooooooold!! (well it is warming up albeit slowly…)

17 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Where Am I?

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time – obscure signs and all!Are experiences no. 3, 5 and 8 related? 🙂

  2. So from what understand from your list of experiences so far…. You drank wine all afternoon/evening and while drinking at the foot of a church, you got hit on by a half-naked priest. Because you were so drunk, you agreed to have dinner with him and realized that he wasn’t as sexy as you thought (drunk googles and all). However you still had a good time because you ate loads of crappy carb heavy food. To avoid him the next morning, you slept in.

    Yep sounds like you’re having a great time on your trip 🙂

  3. I had to google Castrojeriz because I had zero idea where you were! And I am glad to hear that you are having smaller adventures beyond the whole camino adventure!

    And may I ask why you were drinking wine all afternoon and evening when you could have been walking? Unless you were doing both at the same time…. 🙂

  4. Kendra, are you avoiding Bjorg??? Wine all day sounds like a plan to me! And only you would choose to walk instead of taking the damn bus. Always have to take the hard road, eh kid. I want more details about your mystery man and your half-naked priest! And was the wine any good? Keep the posts coming, boo!

    Step High; Say Safe!

  5. That industrial area sounds like it was miserable to walk through, I hope you had some good songs on your iPod! Hooray for being back in the open spaces again!

    Uh, I think you had better elaborate on some of those experiences, lest I extrapolate them myself! 🙂

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