Camino de Santiago – A Celebration and a Dilemma

HALF WAY!!!! Can´t believe I have now reached the halfway point to the Camino AND that I finally have some gorgeous weather again in which to walk. My FB status today was:

“the sun is shining, i´m walking into the west, the cool breeze is blowing from the east, on my left is red earth, on my right is green fields, i´m treading on ancient roman roads that Agustus himself would have trodden, i´m listening to the Gladiator soundtrack, and i´m alone. life definitely doesn´t get better than this!”

So my dilemma: if I keep up with the higher milage per day, I can reach Santiago by May 26. This means walking a few long days (ie 25-30km) rather than sticking to what I´ve been normally doing (avg of 23km – today was the first time I walked 27km). Reaching Santiago on May 26 would allow me to walk to the coast (Finisterre) from the 27th to the 29th and back to Santiago on the 30th in time for my flight in the morning of the 31st. The alternative is to keep to the slower pace and make it to Santiago somewhere in the 27-29th range and then taking the bus to do a day trip to Finisterre. Don´t know what to do and need to make a decision soon. Sigh.

Oh – bonus points to those who get the two references in my FB status 🙂

10 responses to “Camino de Santiago – A Celebration and a Dilemma

  1. Bravo!!
    Halfway is quite an achievement! I’d say it’s all downhill from here, but that might not really match the road ahead!

    As for you dilemma, my advice would be take it a day at a time. Try a longer walking day or two and if you find it too much physically (be honest with yourself!) then accept it wasn’t meant to be and take the bus! In the end you are on vacation and you want to enjoy yourself and not do any harm. While it’s good to push yourself you don’t want to create misery!

    I’m terrible with references! I’d need a few more hints!

    Good luck! Keep moving and stay safe!

  2. That’s awesome that you are at the half way point!!! YAY!

    I loved your FB status and that you were listening to the Gladiator soundtrack… I did a similar thing when I was in the Serengeti with the Lion King soundtrack… but not sure about the references.

    I agree that you should take it day by day and if you are feeling up for a longer day then walk longer. You talked about walking all the way to the coast so if you are able I would do it but you can always go by bus 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear your stories and see photos!

  3. I kind of agree with the advice of taking of the bus! I know you want to see everything…but you do still have a whole other trip after this one, and you do want to be able to walk during it. 🙂

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