Camino de Santiago – Miscellaneous before Leon

I´m in Mansilla de las Mulas, today. Betcha can´t find it on the map! It is the last town of reputable size (pop about 1900) before Leon. Which means, Leon tomorrow! Which in turn means PARADOR!! That´s right – I´m going to experience pilgrimage royalty style. One night (shared with a friend) at a five star hotel housed in an ancient pilgrim related building. It even has cloisters! The pilgrim discount means that it is 90 euros per night (so 45 euros each). My guess is that we will be getting the tiny back room over the kitchen but ah well – it´s at the Parador!

Thanks to those of you who weighed in on my last post. I¨m still waffling but two things are making me lean towards not rushing. First is that my feet seriously hurt after 26km so doing three or four 30km days are probably not a good idea. And second, there are some cool towns coming up that I´d have to pass on exploring if I rush through. For example, there is a chocolate museum in Astorga. And apparently they give samples… So I think I have a decision. Instead of aiming for May 26th, I´m now aiming for May 28th or 29th. That gives me May 29th or 30th to bus to Finisterre for the day and be back on time for my flight on the 31st. I don´t like dropping my original plan but it is probably for the best. I guess that is my Camino lesson – be flexible!

Some people have asked me about food. Unfortunately, food has been a hit and miss, here. And not much traditional Spanish food. I´ve eaten a lot of french fries (comes with all menu del dia basically), chicken, salad, spagetti, jamon iberico and cheese sandwiches… But I´ve also eaten a lot of tortilla (like an egg and potato quiche but heavy on the potato so it´s dense), drunk some cafe con leche, tasted tarta de Santiago (dense almond cake), and have had tons of fun trying to avoid fresh pork.

Health is still fine. My feet hurt. Still the one little blister that isn´t doing anything but sitting on a callous. The side of my feet are bruised for some reason. If I walk more than about 25 or 26km, the arches of my feet start to really hurt. Other than that, all is good.

10 responses to “Camino de Santiago – Miscellaneous before Leon

  1. 1. sharing room at hotel with friend….WHAT FRIEND??? you made a friend??!! Bjorg, perhaps??!!
    2. keep you feet clean, remember de dettol
    3. did you pass the iron cross?
    4. glad you’re slowing it down a bit to smell the roses
    5. even more glad that you’re still having fun!
    6. buy me something!
    7. Step High; Stay Safe!
    8. It’s Mother’s Day today; couldn’t have been one without ya 🙂
    9. thank you for making me proud to celebrate the day!!

  2. Sore feet and chocolate are definitely reasons to slow down!

    I found Mansilla de las Mulas on google maps, so there! 🙂

    The Parador sounds awesome, who are you staying with? Can’t wait to see pictures of the cloisters!

    It sounds like you’ve been eating typical road trip food! I remember a friend did a home stay in Spain in high school and complained all they ever ate was pork with cream sauce, so I can see how avoiding it might be hard!

    Hmm… For a question I’ll ask you what wildlife have you seen?

    Take care of your feet! You won’t get anywhere without them! Good luck!

  3. Sounds like you have lots of reasons to enjoy taking your time and then you can enjoy the bus to the coast! I agree that chocolate is a good reason to slow down and you can enjoy exploring the towns coming up.

    Sounds like your feet are doing really well… sore yes… but only 1 blister is awesome!!!

  4. Who is this Bjorg you and your mum keep speaking about? 🙂 Enjoy your luxury and the food in Leon…maybe include some details in your next post! Take care of your bruises and blisters and have fun!

  5. I would make the same choice… chocolate and tending to sore feet are important!

    Have you been picking up a lot of souvenirs along your route and mailing them back home? Or are you trying to keep it light?

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