Snack Time on the Camino

There will be things that you fall in love with on the Camino. For some people, it is a person. For others, it is the routine, a place, the food. One of the things I really enjoyed as often as I could, was a snack of Cola Cao (basically a hot chocolate) and tortilla (thick egg omelet with potato). I miss it so much, I wrote a little ditty in its memory.

Ode to Cola Cao and Tortilla

Hot days and days cold
Rising mornings to late nights
Feeling young or limping old
Cola Cao with tortilla, please

Walk far, wander slow
Feet and back indulge in fights
Distance is perhaps your foe
Cola Cao and tortilla, frees

Bathed in mud and washed in rain
Dried by wind in sunny lights
Warding off snow all in vain
Cola Cao con tortilla, tease

Days short and days long
Walks alone yet walks are might
Love of Frances ever strong
Cola Cao and tortilla, geas

Chatty times, silence fan
Words to share when words are right
Yet nothing more is said than
Cola Cao and tortilla, please. Yum

6 responses to “Snack Time on the Camino

  1. Ha! Silly but well done, I can tell you’re in love!

    You’ll have to make me this (or a me appropriate equivalent)!

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