Animals along the Camino Frances

Surprisingly, one sees a number of animals along the Camino Frances. Birds such as storks, sheep and cows, and the dogs. Oh, the dogs – when I did my research in preparation for the Camino, I saw many people who apparently read somewhere that the dogs in Spain are mean and cranky. So people suggest taking a stick or walking poles to beat off the canine hordes that are sure to attack you when you least expect it. I’ve included a photo below of the most vicious dogs I came across and you can make up your own mind if dogs are something to be concerned about. That said, everyone, no matter where you are, should have their rabies shots up-to-date!

5 responses to “Animals along the Camino Frances

  1. Obviously vicious street curs!

    Maybe the dog problems have improved over the past few years?

    So many cute animals! (I’m ridiculous, I know!)
    Lovely sheep and those horses (ponies?) look interesting, well suited for the cold weather!

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