People on the Camino Frances

People, unsurprisingly, are what you’ll see the most on the Camino Frances. They’ll be short, tall, thin, fat, quiet, loud, male, female, local, foreign, and predominately white. There also tend to be some Asians, especially Korean. But those of us with various shades of brown skin? We’re rare. To the point where a fellow pilgrim said to me when we were introduced, “Oh, you’re the dark lady!” Needless to say, we didn’t have much to say to each other after that… But generally speaking, the people of the Camino are an interesting lot whether they are walking it or living along it. Here is a selection of people photos, most from the perspective of a Pilgrim walking forward (you’ll see what I mean…).

2 responses to “People on the Camino Frances

  1. Ah, the famous Dark Lady! Much tact that person had!

    I suppose though, since you’re all going the same direction it’s less social then it could be because you’re staring at the back ahead of you rather than constantly crossing paths!

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