Camino Frances Graffiti

I like looking for graffiti whenever I visit a new place as it can be a way to gain an understanding of the location. And the Camino Frances was no different. I didn’t even need to go out of my way or look very hard to find graffiti – there is quite a bit of it along the way, especially in urban areas. For much of it, I’m not sure if it was pilgrims or locals who did the work but ultimately, I don’t think it really matters. A lot of it was political or religious commentary, some Camino related, and others rather random like animals or vampires. Here are photographs of some of the graffiti I came across on my Camino:

6 responses to “Camino Frances Graffiti

  1. I found it funny that the one that says “You are nothing alone in the old Spain” has since had several words struck through and now reads just “You are in Spain”.

  2. I am impressed by the shark that is able to walk – even if he needs a cane.

    Also, did you call for the massage? 😉

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