The Way (Camino Frances)

It has been over half a year since I finished my Camino Frances – and I still miss it. I am starting to think it is one of those experiences that never quite leave you and it can actually grow into a craving that you never thought you’d have, a little like a McDo’s french fries craving. So this post is a taste, something to whet the appetite, on the various paths to Santiago. Here is, one photo per full day’s walk I did, The Way:

P.S. Did you know that The Way is a UNESCO Heritage Site?

11 responses to “The Way (Camino Frances)

  1. The photos you took on your Camino are so beautiful. I’ll be walking my first Camino this summer, and I came across your blog during my “research”. Thanks for sharing your journey- it helps me to read what others have experienced!

    • Hi Nadine

      Thanks so much for your lovely words! If there are any Camino topics you think I should cover, please let me know!

      I hope you have a fantastic Camino ‚Äď I still miss it! Will you be blogging?

      Buen Camino!

      • Thanks Kendra- it sounds like nearly everyone who has done the Camino misses it. I am blogging- though my actual Camino won’t start until June.

        I’m curious about the type of camera you took along on your Camino- was it a DSLR, and if so, was the weight a problem? Using a iPhone is practical and the photos can be decent, but with scenery that gorgeous I’m afraid I might regret not bringing a nicer camera.

        If you have any advice I’d greatly appreciate it! ūüôā

      • Awesome ‚Äď I am looking forward to hearing about your Camino!

        Because photography is important to me and this was essentially a trip that I’d been waiting to do for 7 years, using a phone or even a point and shoot just wasn’t happening for me. I actually treated myself to a new camera for the Camino. My regular DSLR is a bit big and would have added some weight to my pack. So I bought the Sony NEX-5N, going for a package with two lenses (basic wide angle and telephoto). It is still DSLR but it is tiny and it is light. And it takes fantastic photos, even in low light sans tripod. I took both lenses but used the wide angle about 85% of the time (I discovered in the camera a feature that increases the reach of the lens, making the telephoto usually not necessary). Since the camera and related gear were small and pretty light, weight was definitely not an issue.

        Also, keep in mind that iphone may take decent photos but only if you don’t plan on printing (especially in larger sizes) any of them!

    • Hi!

      Thanks very much for coming by ūüôā I‚Äôm glad you enjoyed the photos of the Camino landscape!

      That is awesome you‚Äôre going in September ‚Äď I walked this time last year but would love to experience a fall Camino. Will you be blogging as you go? If so, I look forward to following along!


  2. I can’t believe you started off all poetic and then used the McDonald’s analogy! XD

    Beautiful photos, really gives a nice cross-section of all the different terrain (and seasons!) you encountered on the Camino.

    I hope you get to walk some of those roads again one day! ūüôā

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