Churches Along the Camino Frances

I’ll give you just one guess on what you’ll see the most along the Camino Frances besides Pilgrims. Hint: you’re walking a pilgrimage. So yeah, churches and religious items are definitely plentiful along The Way. Oddly enough, though, it can be hard to find a church that’s actually open. They can have strange opening times, they have siesta time, and some of them don’t open at all. It could be rather frustrating – I once even hopped a wall to get a closer look at a closed church. But when you do get to go in one, they were a mix. Some were underwhelming. Others pissed me off (church in Navarette was just horrifying in the amount of gilt it contained). Yet others had gorgeous architecture or were just plain cute and sweet. The simple country churches were my favorite.

Below are two sets of photos. The first set are pictures of various types of things you can expect to see inside a church – it can be pretty random! the second set are some of the churches you see along the Camino Frances – I tried to include a mix of city and country churches. I hope you enjoy!

What was your favorite Camino Frances church? What was the oddest or most interesting thing you saw?

7 responses to “Churches Along the Camino Frances

  1. You can definitely get ‘church overload’ while walking the Camino. You get very jaded and then, just when you are sure you never want to see another, one catches you off-guard and is just stunning… 🙂

    I found the same thing with bridges along the Camino. I really enjoy that sense of surprise when you see something in just the right light, or at just the right angle, that it doesn’t matter how jaded you think you are, you still get that sense of wonder.

    Thanks for the great posts – very enjoyable!


    The Caminopedia Project:

    • Hey Strato!

      Thanks for your kind words – and I agree about the bridges as well. There were a couple times when I saw an old bridge in just the right angle/light, and I almost felt like I’d stepped back in time. It’s a pretty awesome feeling!


  2. That gilt is so intense it’s almost blinding! Some of the more rustic religious art, while not beautiful has kind of a charming quality about it, it’s kind of sweet the amount of effort put into making a blocky crucifix!

    And, dear God, why does that woman have those on a platter?!

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