Camino Frances – Bridges

There is nothing quite like walking alone in the Spanish countryside where all is still, all is quiet. Then suddenly, I would come upon an ancient bridge and feel like I somehow stepped through time to an era of peasants, fancy ladies, and dashing knights. And then I would start to wonder…

Is there a child foundation sacrifice at the foot of that bridge?

Not all bridges along the Camino Frances are so romantic, though. They were built ranging from the 12th-century to modern times. Some are over water and others are over land. Some are small, others tower over ancient villages. There are bridges that allow pedestrians and pilgrims to safely cross over a highway and there are bridges that were for jousting knights in medieval times.

This photo essay is to show you some of the more interesting bridges, and their views, along the Camino Frances. Can you figure out which one was for the jousting knights?

7 responses to “Camino Frances – Bridges

    • Hey Strato – I love photo essays/sets for that reason, as well. As for the jousting bridge, it is #17! It is the bridge in Hospital de Órbigo.


  1. This brings back such great memories! I love bridges, and taking photos of bridges! my husband and I are travelling the Via La Plata this spring, leaving Seville about Mar 18th! can’t wait to walk the “silver route. I am sure there are more bridges….

    • Bridges are definitely awesome! 🙂

      Oh, that is exciting! Just over a month from now! That route is the next one I would very much like to do! Work is definitely getting in my way…Will you be blogging?

      Buen Camino!

      • When I find internet I will blog! I have heard mixed reports on the availability of wifi! we are going to try out one of the gps maps for our iphone, something new for us as well! stay tuned for more bridges!!!

  2. So many beautiful bridges! The stone work is fantastic on so many of them. I think #14 is my favourite.

    The Camino Frances is obviously a great route for a troll looking for his next home! 🙂

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