Camino Frances Statues

Statues! I love statues be they big, small, simple, or weird. There are certainly plenty of them along the Camino Frances and not just in the big cities. Sometimes they just randomly pop up! Pilgrim statues were the most common, that being the nature of the trail. But it was fun when I managed to find one non-Camino related as it says something, in my opinion, about the character of the town/city/village in which it was located. Giant baby heads to hilariously creepy clowns to Kafka-sized ants…it is all there waiting for you in Northern Spain 😛 Oh, and there are a few fountains thrown in for good measure.

2 responses to “Camino Frances Statues

  1. I really like the half way point statues, the baby head is bizarre and the clown will be in my nightmares!

    Did you get anywhere near the statue of the Virgin Mary on the cliffside? Evidently some pilgrims did by the flowers. That photo came out just spectacular.

    Also, ‘Rather big for baby Jesus’ is the funniest tag on a photo ever. 😉

    • yep, one can climb pretty much next to that statue of mary in the pyrenees! gotta be careful not to slip, though… oh and you are very welcome for the clown photo! 🙂

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