Countryside in the Spring

Spring, Spring! Wherefore art thou, Spring?! It is now April 1st and still no real constant sign that spring is here in my city. Mother Nature? Do you mind stopping with the “I hate you all” business? We’re sorry! We’ll try to do better!

As we wait for Mother Nature to let go of her grudge, here is a reminder that there is such thing as spring: a photo essay of the countryside in full spring mode along the Camino Frances. It’s green, there are flowers, it’s planting season, and everything is alive…I’ve almost forgotten what that looks like…

Happy Spring!

Countryside (1)

Countryside (8)

Countryside (13)

Countryside (15)

Countryside (20)




6 responses to “Countryside in the Spring

    • yes, the northern part of Spain, along the Camino Frances. The photos range from the French side of the Pyrenees and to about the area where there is the town of Triacastela. So I’d say the photos represent the first 3/4 of the the Camino Frances!

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