Rainforest Flora

When I picture a rainforest in my head, I tend to imagine greenery and riots of colour. Reality, unfortunately, generally doesn’t match that picture. Surprisingly enough, rainforests have very little flowers much of the time. I spent three months in Guyana and finding a flower was practically as bad as looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. So if you go to a rainforest, take note – it’s green, green, green. Count your blessings if you find a colourful plant!

I thought this photo essay would be apropos mid-May as most of us in Canada are busy watching our fledgling gardens grow, now that spring is firmly here. So to celebrate gardens, here are some of the colourful plants I managed to find in the rainforests of Guyana.

2 responses to “Rainforest Flora

  1. There is definitely a stereotype in North America of the South American rainforest bursting with colourful flowers and teeming with parrots, monkeys and jaguars begging us to please save them! I think your last post of the farm showed some good examples of the ‘real’ rainforest.

    Despite the misrepresentation you certainly were still able to capture some interesting flora, I particularly like the five petaled white flower where the petals are in a spiral and the blue flower – because true blue always seems difficult to find in nature!

    • because of the sheer sameness of the green and the density of the foliage, photography was hard in the rainforests. which is why i was extra happy to see flowers! SOMETHING that would come out nicely in photos ūüôā

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