Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra, Extra

This week’s photo challenge is all about the “extra”. To quote The Daily Post, “a beautiful photo is one thing, but a photo with an unexpected detail has personality and pop.” This is very true and I find it enjoyable to keep my eyes peeled for such a photographic opportunity. When I walked the Camino Frances last year, there were many a time when I was fortunate enough to come across scenarios that would fall into this category of “extra”. It was hard to choose just one but I ultimately chose this photograph because it was just so random. Seriously – who expects to come across a bathtub in the middle of the Spanish countryside? Though when I did see it, I did wish it had been filled with fresh water so that I could cool down from a long hot day’s walk…


4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Extra, Extra

  1. I really like your choice for this one, a random bathtub definitely counts as something ‘extra’ and I love how if you don’t look closely it almost looks like the tree is growing out of the bathtub!

  2. What a great shot for this week’s challenge. And a sharp eye you have for spotting the bathtub there. I don’t think anyone wants to take a shower in the middle of the countryside 😉

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