Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

When I read this week’s challenge at The Daily Post, “between”, I immediately thought of the Camino (it doesn’t take much for me to think on the Camino). The whole concept and experience of walking The Way is quintessentially between. For example:

  1. Traditionally, one walks it to achieve forgiveness,  so while walking it, one is in an “in between” state
  2. For the non-traditional,  walking the Camino is “in between beginning and end”
  3. Walking is the experience of moving from the old self to the new
  4. One walks daily between towns/villages/cities
  5. The daily walk along the Camino is on various types of paths so you’re always walking between edges

This particular photo was taken on the third day of my Camino walk in a town called Burgete. It is a very pretty town, especially in the early morning light. Eighteenth and nineteenth century homes line the quiet streets with many little traditional details, including the ubiquitous red shutters, to be found if you keep your eyes peeled. There are also some lovely non-traditional details, one being the below photograph. I loved the juxtaposition of the traditional (red shutters) and the new (graffiti art).



11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

      • Late September to early October. It was a guided trip by Teachers Travel mostly people from Canada .
        Did you do it alone?

      • The group I was in was excellent, friendly and mostly retiree. And I am in between ages. They were a fun bunch. How long did you walk for?

      • i walked for 5 weeks. my original plan was SJPDP to Finisterre but I was enjoying myself too much that I didn’t quite stick to my schedule – ran out of time to walk to Finisterre (but did take the bus out there for the day).

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