Political Slogans

A wander around Havana, and Cuba itself, can uncover a treasure trove of socialist slogans. They are quite the variety, ranging from freehand painted to stencils to actual billboards. I may have been a tad inappropriately excited each time I found a slogan but in my defense, Cuba was my first visit to a non-democratic country and I was interested in seeing evidence of a different way of doing politics.

In my opinion, whether or not you agree with Cuba’s politics, the political slogans are fascinating as they demonstrate something not usual in this world of ours. I, for one, would be sad to see them go when Cuba eventually does become “democratic” like the rest of us. It really is too bad that human nature and socialism don’t function well together… But for now, here are some examples of the political slogans I found (mostly) in Havana. I have tried to provide translations where I could but my Spanish is a bit rusty!

2 responses to “Political Slogans

  1. I find these fascinating as well, I think it’s because this type of propaganda is just not something we encounter everyday. I myself way back when I went to China had unusual enthusiasm towards any old communist posters I came across.

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