Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic

This week’s photo challenge is all about relics. I love photographing old, worn, and broken things so I was lucky enough to have a number of photos from which to choose. There is no real reason why this photo was chosen other than the fact that pretty much everything in the photo look like relics. The photo was taken in Nevada a few years ago at the Techatticup Mine. In its heyday, this mine was one of the richest in Southern Nevada (I can only imagine the shenanigans that went on here) but of course, it is now defunct. As a visitor, you can walk around in one of the mine shafts which comes complete with a dead “body” for effect. There is also a small museum with all sorts of artifacts as well as really cool old photographs. Also on the site, there are restored buildings and other items that give you an idea what life was like when the mine was in use. The place basically looks like an abandoned rural town where shady things once happened.I thought this place was awesome ūüôā

Fun fact: two movies were filmed here and as such, a couple film props (including a crashed plane) can be seen.


usa - nevada (9)

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic

  1. Nice picture and very fitting of the challenge! I like that the movie angle means the ‘relics’ will continue to accumulate!

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