Weekly Photo Challenge – Containers

A container can be a wide varied range of things according to this week’s challenge. My choice of container is a series created by nature and has been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans: Pamukkale. The name is a Turkish word meaning cotton castle and once you see it in person, it is pretty obvious why it has been called that. In the blazing sun, the white travertines are a sight to behold, especially with the contrast of blue waters contained within. Pamukkale is pretty huge – 2700 metres long, 160 metres high, and 600 metres wide. There are many levels of terraces, almost all containing pools of warm water and in some, you can actually sit for a soak. One can walk up the length of the travertines but in order to protect them, it can only be done so barefoot. Sharp pebbles can be an annoyance but the flowing hot springs instantly provide a soothing relief to your feet. Once at the top, put your shoes back on and explore the ruins of Hieropolis! The whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So without further ado, here is an example of nature’s own sort of container:

turkey - pamukkale (17)

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