Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’ is this week’s challenge. To me, this phrase says “the romance of summer”. No, not the kissy kissy definition of romance. I’m thinking more along the lines of romanticizing something, and in this case, the something is summer.

If you’ve ever spent time in Canada, you’ll know that winters can be brutal: 6-7 months of snow, ice, wind, darkness, and what I consider to be inhumane temperatures. At the beginning of every winter, I usually ask my parents, “Whyyyyyyyy Canada???” Seriously, if we did have to move all those years ago, could we not have gone to Europe or Australia? But noooo, they picked the coldest option possible. Sigh. Anyway. By December, most Canadians start dreaming of summer, exercising the national pastime of complaining about the current weather, frantically booking trips to anywhere South, counting down the days til the world won’t resemble a barren wasteland (okay, I may be exaggerating, now…maybe). If you’re not a snowbaby or a cold-weather person at heart, winters here can be tears-inducing.

The photo I chose was from a land where summer is all year round. Tobago lies in the Caribbean, part of the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Of all the warm places that I’ve visited, I chose this particular photo because TnT is where I was born (hence why I’m not a snowbaby). This photo is all about the warmth, the sun, the blue skies and waters, the swaying leafy trees, and the bright colours – all the things that do not exist for the most part during a Canadian winter and all the things that most of us romanticize in the dead of February.

Summer Lovin'

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