Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

Zigzags, this week’s challenge, can pop up in random places but it isn’t as common as other forms such as circles, squares, etc. In my experience, you really have to make an effort to spot them in the world around us. My zigzag photo was taken in New York City, USA. There are many of these types of apartment buildings in NYC, those with their fire escape staircases making patterns across the buildings’ facades. I’m not sure I’d want such an apartment, though. Don’t get me wrong – I love the look of it and the urban feel it gives. However, I think I’d always be wondering if someone with Spiderman’s skills will be able to use the staircases to break into my place… Paranoia? Sure. But keep in mind, this is New York City after all…

NYC Apartment Stairs

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Zigzag

  1. It’s cool how they look like they have a matching zig zag despite being on different buildings. It makes me a little dizzy to look at!

    I too would worry about Spiderman stealing my stuff, but I guess it’s a tradeoff between the potential that others might get in and the potential that in an emergency you need a way out!

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