Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture

Texture is a fun one for this week’s weekly challenge. While my photo may look like the dried out skin of an elephant, it actually was taken in Caribbean – Trinidad, to be precise. And there are no elephants in the Caribbean. This photo is actually of a place called Pitch Lake. The other word for “pitch” is “tar”. Pitch Lake is the world’s largest natural deposit of tar. The few tourists who make it here apparently are disappointed because to them, the place looks like a giant parking lot. I say, they’re not looking properly. In my mind, this place is cool – all sorts of textures and shapes can be found here, one can spot some flora and fauna around the lake (and sometimes, within), and the history is pretty interesting as well as it involves both Amerindians and their legends as well as the Europeans who used the pitch for repairing their ships. Visitors can walk around on most of the lake as the lake’s ‘skin’ is tough enough to support the weight of people. However, there are parts of the lake where the skin is non-existent and as such, if you step in it, you can be slowly sucked in. I’d imagine it would be like quicksand – once you fall in, there’s no getting out. So as long as you watch where you’re stepping, you can see parts of the lake  dry like the below photo and other parts that look like the terrain of another planet. Well worth a visit if you find yourself in Trinidad!


trinidad (23)

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Texture

  1. Very neat! I love the patterns it makes, it’s the kind of thing that if you stare at long enough you start making pictures out of it, like trees and leaping people.

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