Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

This week’s Weekly Challenge was taken along the Camino Frances. As The Way travels through quite bit of countryside, it was of no surprise that I saw a number of sheep. I was surprised, though, to find way up on a high hill, this tattered clump of wool caught on some barbed wire. The frayed edges fluttered enticingly in the wind and I did not resist yet another photographic opportunity that was offered to me along the Camino Frances.


10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

  1. Nice. And we all know how rare it is to find good photo opportunities along the Camino… 🙂

    What is the town at the bottom of the hill? I feel like I should recognize it, but I don’t.

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  4. I love the downward perspective on this one!

    How effective would barbed wire be on a sheep? Assuming he’s not shorn, wouldn’t he have some protection?

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