Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure

Adventure. Who doesn’t love a little or a lot of it in their life? I, for one, love a lot…hence the love for travel. The photo challenge for this week is all about adventure. The picture I chose doesn’t demonstrate my own adventures but someone else’s. I was privy to their spot of fun for a span of a few seconds but it enabled me to capture one of my favorite pictures taken in St. Lucia. I’d just climbed the Pitons (a volcanic plug) and was taking a boat ride along the southern coast of the island. This couple and their guide roared by in their speedboat, picking up enough speed to lift the font part of the boat into the air. They looked like they were having a fantastic time and I couldn’t resist taking photo!

St. Lucia boat ride

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure

  1. I totally can see this with ‘Adventure!’ written diagonally across it in one of those 60s fonts. You know how in old movie previews they would pop up a word in front of a scene?

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