Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

Travel is a fantastic way to open up eyes, hearts, and minds. You really do realize that all of humanity on this planet is just living life the best way it can. In many ways, we’re different as we’re influenced by when, where, and to whom we are born. Yet in many other ways, we’re all the same. We laugh and we cry, we hope and we help, and we all just want what is best for those around us. Travel drives home the point that people are people are people and some things will never change. It can be amazing because humanity loves hard but it can also be disheartening because humanity also hates hard. And because we’re special, we have found numerous ways to express both sides of the coin. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be more prevalent most of the time. My take on this week’s photo challenge is maybe a little dark but I came across this sign in the Eyup Cemetery near Pierre Loti Cafe on my recent visit to Istanbul. I thought it was a great question and a good point that humanity needs to staple to its collective forehead:

signs (3)

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

  1. Great photo for the challenge. Great words to go with it too. You’re right. We are all different and no two of us from the same town have the same stories to tell. It’s a fact. And we should all learn to embrace that 🙂

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