Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was endurance, I knew it definitely had to be a picture from the Camino Frances I did last year – walking over 800km qualifies as “endurance”, I thought. I had quite a number from which I could choose: in a span of 5 weeks, I took over five thousand photos. The photo I ended up choosing was one of a fellow pilgrim, a woman from Australia. She had an amazing story and it was quite inspiring to walk with her. The day this photo was taken was especially hard for everyone in the area due to a blizzard springing up in the mountains we needed to cross. Did I mention this was late May? The storm was unexpected and we had to wear many of our limited clothes items to stay warm and had to keep our eyes peeled to ensure we stayed on the right path. Slogging through the cold and the blowing snow was tough but it also included two of my favorite villages along the Camino Frances and the Cruz de Ferro experience. That day was a brilliant day of hard work and fascinating villages, and it ended up being one of the best days of my Camino.


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance

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  2. Snow in May? Not fair! You guys endured it though, and it sounds like it was worth it!

    Beautiful photo, it’s not often you see all the beautiful colours of spring covered in a layer of snow!

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