Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

This week’s photo challenge is all about the dark – nighttime. I’m a lazy photographer so I don’t own a tripod – this means getting nighttime shots can be tricky. They rarely turn out well but sometimes, they do turn out in such a way that I still like it. This is one such photo. It was taken in St. Cuthbert’s Mission, a village in Guyana (South America). I spent three months volunteering there a couple years ago. Being in a village that only had electricity 4 hours a day (normally – sometimes there was none at all) meant that the skies at night were gorgeous. Stars galore and big bright moons. In this photo, you can even see Orion’s Belt, one of the very few constellations I actually recognize. There is part of a palm tree at the bottom and at the top, you can see the glowing arrival of an angel…okay, okay, it’s the moon’s glow. I didn’t go out too far at night because, while it was beautifully dark, this was still the rainforest and scary things live in the rainforest and I didn’t want to end up a corpse

Guyanese Night

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

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  4. I’m surprised you were able to get any star definition on a night with a moon that bright!

    Stay out of the rainforest…

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