Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

This week’s photo challenge is Signs. No, not the movie and its corresponding aliens theme. Its about actual signs, ones that we see pretty much everywhere unless you’re in the middle of the Gobi Desert. However, I’m sure one day there will be a sign helpfully stating 95km to the next watering hole…

The sign I chose for the challenge was one I saw randomly in Cornwall, England. First, the bad grammar of the top sign stopped me. Then I sawthe second sign and it set me laughing. I had to photograph it. One part of me found the sign darkly amusing (hippies – a conservative’s favorite punching bag). The other part of me was reminded of the signs that would have existed all over North America during the era of segregation for a different ‘group’ of people. So on one level, the sign is funny, and on another level, not so much. I”m conflicted, therefore, about this sign. But that’s okay – I like things that make me think!


Hunters vs Hippies

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