Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

This week’s photo challenge is Descent and I decided to take the metaphorical route this time. I saw this piece of graffiti art in New York City, a place that is absolutely fantastic for such pieces of work. To me there are many layers to this piece – some would say it symbolizes the descent of a city to the hooligans who think graffiti is art. To others it could represent the descent into madness and nightmares. Yet others may see it as a graphical representation on what illness, physical or mental, means in their life. Me, I just wonder what frame of mind the artist was in when this was created – serious or humorous? But perhaps that is what makes art so intriguing – it can be whatever you want it to be in any given moment in time.


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

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  2. I’m sure it was made with some humour, but for me it just creeps me out. Not sure how the whole wall looks, but disembodied mouths are disconcerting!

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