Blogging 101 – Assignment 2

Rusty Travel Trunk: Cubicle escape artist on the lam

Today’s assignment is about titles and tag lines – and to create a new one if necessary. I am hoping it isn’t necessary to change mine! It took forever to come up with them! For the longest while, I’d wanted to call my non-existent blog “Travel Trunk”. I have two trunks in my home that belonged to my grandparents who used to travel a lot because my grandfather was a diplomat. To me, trunks evoke a romantic vision of old-time long-term travel to places that very few people had the privilege to see or experience – they paint pictures of tall ships chugging across a roiling sea, steam trains puffing through the verdant countryside, and intrepid men and women who clambered onto the back of a dromedary to explore ever shifting sands. Can you tell that I love travel trunks? Unfortunately, I could not call my blog Travel Trunk because I ended up committing the neophyte mistake of researching that domain name over and over again without buying it. When I was finally ready to commit to the name and buy the domain, it had been taken and just happened to be available for sale for thousands of dollars. I was crushed. And pissed off. But I learned a lesson – do not repeatedly check a domain name’s availability until you’re actually ready to commit to one. The internet trolls are watching!

After learning that lesson, I dusted myself off and planned a new direction: adjectives! After some focus group consultations (thanks, family!) I landed on “rusty”. To me this evokes the idea of well-used and exposed to the elements – which is exactly what travel and adventure does to the psyche and one’s travel gear. As such, Rusty Travel Trunk was born and I definitely didn’t make the same mistake twice in regard to buying the domain name!

As for my tag line, I work in a cubicle. I do not like working in a cubicle (though, I admit, it is better than Office 2.0 which gives me nightmares). I regularly try to escape my cubicle. So my travel stories are born when I actually manage to pull off an escape – therefore, I’m on the lam when I’m travelling 🙂

2 responses to “Blogging 101 – Assignment 2

  1. Those sites that hold domain names hostage for thousands of dollars are awful. I wonder how profitable they are? I’m sure they can milk some money out of desperate new businesses. But there’s no way bloggers just starting out will pay thousands of dollars. Then they get no money, the blogger can’t get their domain name any everyone is miserable!

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