Blogging 101 – Assignment 4

Today’s assignment was to write a post for my dream reader and to try to incorporate something new in the post. I decided this was the perfect time to try out the new style of post I want to use in my blog: lists! I’m a lists kind of person and I think they are a great way to highlight special things I’ve seen on my travels but without the details that not everyone wants. As such, I will be trying to mix up my in-depth pieces with lighter pieces which will sometimes take the form of a list.

Oh and my dream readers are those who love travel, those who indulge in adventure, and anyone who enjoys reading about travel from the comfort of their couch! Though if anyone who reads this blog and wants to connect me to travel writing, travel photography, and travel show opportunities, you’re my dream reader, too 🙂

Here is my first attempt at a new blog post format:

2 responses to “Blogging 101 – Assignment 4

  1. I’m definitely the travel vicariously while sitting on my couch person, at least until all those long-lost relatives die and leave me their money!

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