Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist

The weekly challenge for this week is Minimalist. Minimalism in photography means that a photo that has a lot of negative space, a colour palette that is pretty monochromatic, and a subject that tells a story on its own. The picture I chose for this challenge was taken in Cuba. I came across these footprints during an early morning walk along the beach. It made me think of the famous poem, “Footprints” but this would be the bird version, of course!


Footprints: For the Birds

12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Minimalist

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  3. Found you via Meet & Greet of Opinionated Man (HarshReality) and thought to have a browse on your blog 🙂

    Love this photo, it’s simple but yet seems to feel very full of meaning… foot/birds steps disappearing in the horizon…the sea will wash away the prints…empty beach..(or maybe I’m just seeing too much into it…)

    • Hey!

      Thanks very much for coming by!

      In my mind, you are definitely not seeing too much into the photo – one of the reasons why I love this one is that it says so much while radiating simplicity. So I’m glad you like it, too 🙂


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