Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

The photo challenge this week is about achievements. We all have them in our lives, be they small ones or big ones – but they are all personal and subjective. For example, keeping up with this blog for over a year now is a big achievement for me, even if a year isn’t all that long, as I’m actually kind of a lazy person. Other achievements are kind of dubious – like a few weeks ago I went hiking in Trinidad and came back with my very first travel illness, Chikungunya (not contagious and I’m okay now). Some achievements are calculated such as me ticking off an item on my bucket list last month by completing a half marathon…something I’m not sure yet I’d ever want to do again. Yet other achievements are ones that I want to do over and over again, such as when I completed the Camino Frances. Whatever it is, achievements can be life’s highlights and milestones so I definitely plan to keep going out there and rack up as many of them as I can ūüôā

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Achievement

  1. I love how you just couldn’t choose one photo for this week’s assignment! You have lots of achievements to be proud of!

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