Weekly Photo Challenge – Gone but not Forgotten

This week’s photo challenge is called “Gone but not Forgotten” and it is about exactly that – something that is no more but someone still remembers. I immediately thought of cemeteries. Over my travels, I have visited some fantastic cemeteries in different countries. Perhaps it is morbid but I love them – the stillness, the peace, the artwork that many tombstones are, and the history. Of the cemeteries I have visited, my favorites so far are in Havana, Istanbul, and London. This particular photo was taken in Highgate Cemetery in London. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it and wish I  knew who this person had been. But hopefully, whoever is under there, they are not forgotten by his/her friends and family. But in my mind, how could they be forgotten with this awesome sense of humour?

Dead - tombstone

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Gone but not Forgotten

  1. I have the same fascination of cemeteries. I especially find them interesting in Iceland because you can go from gravestone to gravestone and figure out who was related to whom – because of their lastnames. A child gets the fathers name followed by -son if it’s a boy and -dottir if it’s a girl.

    • Oh that is very interesting! Thanks for sharing! When I finally make it to Iceland, I’ll definitely have to check out a cemetery to see this. Also, it makes me wonder if this style of naming makes genealogy very easy or very hard?

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