Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

The photo challenge this week is all about the colour yellow. My choice to represent the theme is this puppy carrying his new toy, a leaf. This was taken in Guyana, South America, in a village called St. Cuthbert’s Mission. I was there volunteering for three months, a fantastic experience that I recommend to everyone. The sad thing about this picture though, is that it is probably one of a couple (if not the only) in existence of this particular puppy as he somehow died the next day. Animals, dogs in particular, have a rough time in the developing world compared to the cushy life many of their cousins have in North America. It was sad. But I have fond memories of watching this little guy play and explore the world around him, making games out of the nature that was his home – toys were not necessary when you have giant leaves like this!

RIP, Puppy.

Guyana Puppy

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

  1. Ohh, how sad to know. You are true in many developing countries, these puppies do not have that lavish lifestyle.

    Your photo is really so cute and apt for the challenge. πŸ™‚

  2. So adorable. It is true that in there are many stray dogs in developing countries, and it’s always heartbreaking to see them. I wish I can bring them home 😦

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