Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadowed

“Shadowed” is this week’s photo challenge. It was pretty good timing as I’ve just posted a piece a few days ago that includes one of my favorite pictures taken in Mexico, one that I consider “random”. It was taken in Oaxaca at an ex-convent that is now an art school. I really enjoyed wandering around the colonial building because of the graffiti scattered all around the walls, some artistic and some just plain weird. I think what made it so fun was the unexpectedness of it as I didn’t realize the place was an art school when I first wandered in! As for the picture I’ve chosen for this week’s challenge, I really like it for two reasons: firstly, I love the random bird sheltering from the sun in the shadows provided by the window and secondly, I was so happy at the time that I was just tall enough to use the window as a frame for the bell tower outside. Sometimes you see something you really want to photograph and it brings great joy when you manage to capture it!

Bird in a Hole

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadowed

  1. This is a great angle made all the more interesting by the bird! I instantly recognized this, as I live right around the corner and can see this church from our rooftop. I lived here for two years before I realized that the art school was behind those doors – I always thought it was part of the church until I spotted an exhibit around the Día de Muertos and went in to take a look.

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