Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

This topic is kind of a coincidence for me as this week I am plumbing the depth of fortitude. Okay, no I’m not becoming an ascetic and donning a hair shirt as I move to a cave in the desert. But judging from the reactions of people I’ve told so far, I may as well be doing that… And all I’m doing is experimenting home life without cable television (I can still watch DVD or blu-ray discs that I own) and internet. It has been two days so far and it’s amazing how much getting used to the lack of connectivity will take. But already I can see how much time in a day I will gain! I’ll just have to be very organized now, in terms of things like my blog and Instagram accounts – I guess I’ll become one of those café regulars who buy one drink and sit for five hours using the free wi-fi!

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to show for the weekly photo challenge. My picture choice this week is from the Camino Frances. Walking this trail exposes you to deep roots in many ways – historical, religious, and spiritual. It deeply impacts anyone who walks it and creates an instant connection among Camino veterans wherever they may be. However, sometimes such depth either overwhelms a person or nudges someone towards the irreverent. Me, I love the irreverent. Hence why, when I saw this drawing along the Camino, I just had to photograph it. “Pèlerquin” is an amalgamation of “pèlerin” (pilgrim) and “requin” (shark). I still don’t know why this was drawn but I loved seeing the simple word play while I was in the depth of the Camino Frances.

camino (353)

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Depth

  1. I love that sign!

    And just think about it, if a shark can learn to walk upright, you can survive without internet for a few months! 😉

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