Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

This week’s photo challenge is all about scale. The picture I chose was taken at Teotihuacan in Mexico, near Mexico City. This is apparently one of the biggest pyramids in the world and when you approach it, it is definitely believable. Thing is huge. Photography does not do it justice in terms of illustrating its size so when I saw this father-son pair approaching the building, I hurriedly snapped this picture in an attempt to give the pyramid some scale. Still not quite perfect so I guess you’ll have to just go to Teotihuacan and see it for yourself! ūüôā

Pyramid at Teotihuacan

20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

  1. One of my dream destinations! The people climbing up the side look like ants!

    Between the colour effect you chose and the hat on the little boy, I get an early 20th century vibe from this picture, it’s neat!

    • Thanks, Marilyn! I absolutely love Mexico for all the archaeological sites to see! I’ve visited about 4 or 5 sites in Oaxaca…only 996+ to go ūüôā

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