Rusty Travel Trunk is on Instagram!

For the past few months, I have been playing around with my first official foray into Rusty Travel Trunk social media. And now I understand why many people say Instagram is addictive! There are so many fantastic pictures of this wonderful planet of ours on there and if I’m not careful, I can spend a long time jumping from gallery to gallery. Let’s just say, I now need to consider upgrading my rather crappy data plan package on my phone…

Excitingly enough, I’ve now had four reposts of my photos:



Avanos Pottery Door


Sognali Doll Lady#caminodesantiagopage

Mountains on the Camino

On Instagram, I post twice a day and my photos are always travel related – places, people, food, etc. Once in a while there may even be a photo of me but so far no selfies! The pictures are in no particular order or theme – a photo taken 7 years ago will definitely show up next to a photo taken yesterday.

At the bottom left hand side of this blog, you can find the most recent of my Instagram posts. However, do come on over to the Rusty Travel Trunk Instagram gallery and say hi!

Hope you see you on there!


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