Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

This week’s photo challenge was a tough one. It almost stumped me – can I blame it on the -40C wind chill we had the other day? I swear, a few of my brain cells fled my head that day for warmer climes…  It has since warmed up (-24C wind chill), however. As such, I have now remembered the mosques of Istanbul. Many of them are fantastic works of architecture and art, showcasing colour, design, patterns, and geometric shapes. And relevant for this week’s topic, symmetry was everywhere. The photo I have chosen was taken at the Süleymaniye Mosque, an imposing mid-16th century structure that looms up on one of the city’s many hills.

I must admit I can be a little ornery – this is why I don’t have many symmetrical pictures. I like things out of balance. Even though this photo showcases four equal sized domes, two full arches and two ¾ arches, 4 windows, and four doors…did you notice that one of the doors is partially open, messing up the perfect symmetry that could have been happening? It’s precisely because of that door I took the picture 🙂

Süleymaniye Mosque

8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry

  1. Get with the program, door!

    Also, I’m always impressed with historical builder’s abilities to create such perfect symmetry. I wonder if they’d be upset with you and your ‘imperfect’ picture? 😉

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