Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

In a previous photo challenge, I said that I love things off-balance so the Rule of Thirds in photography is something I often employ, whether I’m thinking about it or not. In terms of bokeh, I love seeing it but my bad memory never seems to remind me to actually do it. For the weekly challenges, I try to make the challenge more difficult for myself by limiting my final choice to only one photo. But since this week’s challenge essentially has two components to it, I ended up picking two photos – one that is an example of the Rule of Thirds and the other, an example of bokeh. I could go outside and take a new picture that employs both techniques but it is currently snowing and I melt in snow… My compromise is that both pictures are of the same theme – animals. The first was taken in Cornwall, England and it represents the bucolic nature of the area. The second photo was taken in Guyana (South America) and it represents the unique strangeness of the rainforests (ie. you normally have no idea what you’re looking at and half the time you want five feet between you and it as you don’t know if it will hurt you).

Cow - Rule of ThirdsBug - Bokeh

16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

  1. The cow picture is just so perfectly composed it almost seems unreal, like you photoshopped all day to make it look like that! The ground is amazingly flat!

    I like the blurred background behind the insect as well. Though I’ve recognized the technique with the blurred background, I’ve never heard the term ‘bokeh’ before, I learned something new!

    Great job on both accounts!

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