Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

I think one of mankind’s favourite phrases is, “It’s not fair!” I’m not particularly sure where this idea of fairness in life comes from – life is just life. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen. There is no Great Abacus keeping tally to ensure the universe meets out these things in an equitable fashion. Though sometimes, things do happen that clearly are not fair… You know how I know? Just ask this guy. He lived a life that qualified him for sainthood. Presumably, he was a good man. His reward for this goodness? The indignity of having pieces of his body squabbled over and treated as magic charms. The man’s head is in a box. A box. For centuries, those eye sockets have been peering over the edge of the box, pondering just why does he deserve to be trapped in here while those regular folks get to be out there tromping through the church with strange little cases that hang around their necks that they periodically wave at him while some infernal bright light flashes in his eyes. This is the reward for a good life? Not all rewards are just. Head in a box - Albi

Okay, so maybe attempting philosophy on a Monday morning is not the best idea. Moving on…why not read about other rewards here!

By the way, this was taken at the Sainte-Cecile Cathedral of Albi, France.

5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Reward

  1. Well, there’s one way at looking at a ‘reward’! I’ve always been appalled by this treatment of saints. In most places there’s some sort of law against committing an ‘indignity against a body’ but for some reason it’s perfectly fine to cut up a saints corpse into trinkets to be sold! (And also, not to long ago to grind up and snort mummies, but I digress…)

    Poor guy! I hope he rests in peace!

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