Weekly Photo Challenge – Walls

No matter where you go in the world, there is always someone who sees walls as a good spot for any sort of signage, be it paper or paint. In Cuba, I saw walls covered in socialist slogans. In Spain, I saw walls painted with poetry and yellow arrows/shells. In St. Lucia, I saw posters for country music concerts. Everybody has graffiti, be it elaborate or the annoying “I’m tagging this spot just to show I was here” stuff. However, the one I love the most are the signs with English spelling errors. I say this as someone who struggles to learn French and Spanish so I make these errors all the time. However, personally, I’d think twice about painting a giant wall sign without checking first with a native speaker of a particular language in order to avoid such mistakes. This particular photo for the weekly challenge (walls) was taken in Mexico. It isn’t an embarrassing error per se but coupled with the nice cursive script, you can tell someone tried hard but fell short at the finishing line…mexico  - nigh club

8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Walls

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  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve been to a ‘Nigh Club’!

    I’m curious whether this was the result of poor planning or poor execution? Considering the number of misspelled tattoos I’ve seen on native English speakers this doesn’t surprise me!

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