Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

One of the things I loved about my time in Guyana was living in a village where long term food storage was practically non-existent. Most people didn’t have fridges or freezers, since electricity was available for only four hours a day in the evening. If someone did have a freezer/fridge (most often because they had their own private generator), it was to store drinks. No one likes a warm beer… What all this meant, though, was that food was always fresh because in the Guyanese heat, things can spoil very quickly. Freshly cooked meals, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, etc. Because of this lifestyle, I was able to get the opportunity to see how coconut oil is made using coconuts fresh off the palm tree. It is a neat process – if you’re curious, you can read about it here. I still think it was pretty cool to experience and that’s why I have chosen these freshly split coconuts for this week’s photo challenge, Fresh.guyana - coconuts

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

  1. Yum! I want to eat a coconut so much now! The last one I tried to each was unfortunately not so fresh anymore!

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