Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

If you have owned a camera for any length of time, one of the first things you will have noticed is how much light matters when it comes to capturing images. Too little light, you can’t see details within your photo. Too much light, you still can’t see details within your photo. You can generally can find Baby Bear’s porridge either early in the morning or in the late afternoon/evening (depending on the time of year). I especially love late afternoon light when it comes to foliage. When I was in Guyana, I had ample time to photograph greenery and I enjoyed trying to capture a perfect image with that fleeting perfect light called “the golden hour”. I never did get that perfect image but one of my favourites was taken in the forest, amongst the coconut trees. Here I was able to get the glowing light highlighted by the greens and to me, it illustrates the concept of “ephemeral” which is this week’s photo challenge.


6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

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  3. Amazing! When you think about it there’s nothing special in the picture, just some trees, but the light is so perfect it has this other-worldly, magic quality to it!

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