Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

I’ve said it before: I am a lazy photographer. Because of this laziness, I don’t have a tripod and quite often my photos aren’t as sharp as I’d want them to be. Yet, for some reason, I haven’t been able to put on my big girl pants and just get a tripod already. However, not having a tripod can sometimes lead to interesting things with the camera. One day, after taking some boring photos at a place called the Arboretum, I decided to try an experiment: embrace the blur. I deliberately moved my camera as I clicked the shutter to see what kind of photos this would produce. It certainly enlivened my afternoon. I’m not saying the Arboretum isn’t lovely – it is. This place, which has been around since 1889, is part of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Canada. There are many established trees and other greenery and in the summer, it is very lush. There are many spots to have a picnic, be it on the side of a hill, next to an ornate iron bridge, under some hanging trees, or on an isolated bench with only a curious duck for a friend. And it’s all free – no charge to visit and it is open from sunrise to sunset. All this loveliness and peacefulness aside, there were only so many pictures I could take of it. Hence the experiment. I got some interesting results, some of which I really ending up liking. Here is one of my favourites for this week’s photo challenge, Blur.


11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

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  2. Neat! It looks a bit like an impressionist paint, or like it’s behind a screen. It’s cool to see what happens when you play around with your camera!

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