Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

There really isn’t anything quite like being high up in the air in a hot air balloon, floating silently across the early morning sky. Except for the periodic whoosh of the flame heating up the air required to keep the balloon floating, it’s just so still. It’s the closest I’d ever get to experiencing what Superman gets to feel when he’s just standing there up in the sky. Sigh – why can’t I be an alien superhero, too? Anyway, this photo was taken in Cappadocia, Turkey. Going on a hot air balloon ride in a non-city environment was bucket list item for me and doing it in the beautiful Cappadocian landscape was just a bonus. If you’re curious about that particular experience, you can read about it here. If you’re curious to see how other people interpreted the word “afloat” for the Weekly Photo Challenge, you can read about that here. Enjoy!

14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat

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  2. What a pretty picture this is! Not sure about you, but I felt the hot air balloon ride was easier and not scary at all compared to how I’d imagined it. It was like riding in an elevator. 🙂

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